• The Hidden Things
  • Artist: Zhang Junrui, Long Bin, Lu Dan, Zhou Yongjie, Zhou Zihan, Huang Fangqi, Li Shudan, Tang Lan
  • Critic: Easy Art
  • Opening: 2020.10.17 / 16:00 - 18:00
  • Duration: 2020.10.17 - 11.27 / 10:00 - 18:00 Daily Open
  • Address: 2F,Building 13,50 Moganshan Rd.,Shanghai

  The far away absurdity caused by violent chaos and daily chores around me is probably another truth of my life. The broad picture needs to be seen more carefully than usual. My patient description of the details gives a faint sense of indifference, always so contradictory. -Zhang Junrui

My art works have become a store box for memories which grows with the passage of time, instead of being forgotten. If art gives me a new perspective to observe and examine daily life, skill gives me a unique way to record them. I carve time in the name of art. -Long Bin

I chose plastic wrap and bags which are most common in Chinese homes as subject matters creating an estrangement between them and the viewers and suggesting and reminding myself that what seems real is often untouchable and unreachable. - Lu Dan

This sudden disaster, has unguardedly played a big joke with us made a subversion of our daily life and suddenly made it appear particularly important. But the daily casualness and commonplace is what makes it so precious. If this normality is broken, it could be a disaster. So cherish the present, cherish the daily! - Zhou Yongjie

“One ZHEN landscape”series separates the dot from the normal state and emphasizes the paper’s materiality and sensibility. The image is formed by orderly destruction of the fibers on the surface of the paper.The arrangement of the size, number and density of "dots" forms "lines" and "planes". As Lao Tzu said:"Two in one, three in two, three in all." The ebb and flow of all things structures various states of matter.- Zhou Zihan

"Inner peace can detect the movement of all things. Void can contain all situations." - Huang Fangqi

I hope my works have a kind of grotesque temperament, just like the mystery novels, telling stories and joking at the same time, expressing serious themes in a humorous way.I hope that the material properties, contents and meanings of the "thing" in the works are alienated and redirected. An utensil or sculpture is not a closed container, but an open space. The vase,the room, the space-time and human being are all utensils.

From the study of single frequency sound, with physical (vibration) means to convert sound into images, and through chemical (enhancement) means to record the images, I created a series of painting, photography and sound installation. Through the performance of such concepts and laws,from simple to complex, from clear to noisy (static). I resembled the digital single frequency sounds with raw materials and origin of life, and deeply discussed the convergence of algorithm and evolution. -Tang Lan