• Grain Field
  • Artist: Pan Xiaorong
  • Critic: Luo Yonjin
  • Opening: 2019.9.21 16:00-18:00
  • Duration: 2019.9.21-10.25 10:00-18:00
  • Address: 2F,Building 13,50 Moganshan Rd.,Shanghai
Artist Statement
As a veteran in the art field for more than 10 years, I gradually feel that artists should take themselves as targets, unerring aiming and relentless firing. I am introspective and rebellious. People always like to say that we should look at the world from a macro point of view,while I think it is necessary to look at the world from a micro point of view.
I consider myself a non-figurative artist. Compared with the 1960s and 1970s, today's understanding of the world is more diversified, more specific, more microcosmic and more concrete! More remarkable is the progress in understanding of the virtual space. Take the development of the Internet for example, now it is more specific, detailed, and three-dimensional, almost intangible. We used to have a vague imagination of dimensional space, but now we have developed to 5G. We can understand the multi-dimensional space through scientific and technological simulation , we can visualize the micro-world too! These are not to belittle the past, but the space painted by artists today is not the same as before.
Master Ding Yi and Yu Youhan are the reference frame for my involvement in art. I think the circle created by Yu Youhan is the rest of Chinese abstract art, while Ding Yi's creation highlights the semiotic art, which is the most valuable part of Chinese contemporary art. My art is inextricably linked with it. In my new work, I use the color chalk sticks, a material with fine grain, which was inspired by pencil drawing. The effect is achieved by repeatedly rubbing the color chalk sticks on the canvas and eventually it appears on the canvas. It offers me a wealth of possibilities, creative materials, directness and uncertainty. Repeated rubbing of color chalk sticks and canvas will produce a sense of granularity, and through repeated overlapping and complementary colors, new uncertainty is obtained, thus creating a virtual sense in the painting. It conveys a new visual feeling. I call it "color penetration".
I didn't like Impressionism at the beginning of my art study. I am tired of its greasy color which taste like oily butter cake. While I am fascinated by Post-impressionism and cole de Paris, etc. I like Guan Liang's works, especially his use of colors. I am totally obsessed with his wild and bold application of colors! Once you find your own way to create , everything turns easy. In fact, I draw in color is to re-study the colors, exploring my own way of using colors. In the process of drawing, through repeated frictions between the color chalk sticks and the canvas, I achieve the linkage of objects, hands and heart. I have obtained the objectiveness of colors through the granular texture of the drawing, thus  breaking through the bondage of imagery of colors.

People are complex and changeable, especially the artists. And thats exactly what I want to express. Before devoting to art, I asked myself repeatedly why do art and what art is? The answer is: art is a way to challenge yourself. And that is also my goal!