• Bogdan Konopka
  • Artist: Bogdan Konopka
  • Critic: Curator: Alain Jullien
  • Opening: 2016.09.10 / 16:00 - 19:00
  • Duration: 2016.09.10 - 10.21 / 10:00 - 18:00
  • Address: ANART. 2F, Building 13, M50, Shanghai

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Black and white sounds like an absolute simplicity, and there is simplicity in Bogdan’s work, but only at first glance. The unusually small prints, most of them are contact prints, the same size as the original negative, needs to be seen to be believed. Wait a minute, take the time to get accustomed to the darkness, find the details in the highlights and you will discover a world of greys you had never imagined!
Even with today high technology, we are not able to reproduce the quality, the details revealed in the original silver print so experience the pleasure to see and feel these small wonders that seem to come from the past with the beauty of handmade prints although they reveal a very contemporary feeling. Bogdan is contemporary not only through his technique and vision, but also because he travels and crosses boundaries. Born in Poland, living in Paris, he has come to China and confronts the different cultures with a profound calm that many people mistake for serenity. When addressing despair and death, the artist chose a white dress to represent the soul, quite a message for someone known for the depth of his greys and blacks. But Bogdan would be the first to say that the world cannot be reduced to black and white.