Wu Yuntie barely makes his paintings according to sketches, photographs or other pictures. He has a very strong visual memory and unrestrained expressions in painting. Only when facing the canvas does he feel at ease. He always starts from a corner of the canvas following the flow of ideas, keeps adding or erasing forms and allows various images spread out themselves, finding their own spaces on the canvas. Therefore, his process approximates to the Surrealistic 'automatic writing'. Once the brush starts to move, Wu Yuntie will intently follow his hand to proceed and enter an unexpected strange world, which is yet straight from the bottom of his heart. Thus the painting process is also the process for him to recognize, suspect or prove himself. As he said, such process carries a function of 'self medical treatment'.
Compared with many self-centered young artists, Wu Yuntie doesn't present the restless psychological subject, the claustrophobic illusion and narcissistic sentiment in his paintings. Instead, the works have a private game nature as well as serious psychoanalysis. At the same time as he faces himself, he also points out the extrinsic root which creates the ego, so that his self-analysis includes criticizing and surpassing the reality. Wu Yuntie is no doubt more like a surrealist.

- Extracted from A Surrealist in Post-industrial Age - Wu Yuntie Recent Works by Lin Hai

翻 译:范 晨
Translation:  Fan Chen