Ma Yuncan

1975 Born in Yanshi, Henan Provence
1998 Bachelor of Sculpture, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
2011 Master of Public Art, China Academy of Art

Now lives in Shanghai, mainly works on Stone Sculpture
Solo Exhibition

2016  “Changshen” Sculpture Art Exhibition, China Element, Shanghai (Author Gallery)
2014  “The Words of Stones”, Author Gallery, Shanghai
Group Exhibition

2016  “Mount Song Project” 2016 Art Exhibition, Mount Song Chanxinju
2013  “Image”, New Opening Exhibition, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai
1998  Chinese Painting and Sculpture Group Exhibition, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, First Stone Sculpture “Winds” was collected by CITIC Group, Tianjin
1996  Tianjin the 4th Youth Art Exhibition, Tianjin
2010  First Prize in Sculpture Art Exhibition, Henan Province  Zhengzhou Art Museum